Writing vs Blogging

For me, it is quite scary becoming a blogger.

When I first left school I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to share my writing & opinions with the world. But… something changed as I grew older, my writing became more personal. Perhaps it was because I ended up in a different job, I lost my confidence along the way. I would only let certain people read what I had written- like a close friend or my writer’s group. Now whatever I’m blogging about on my website is for the world to see. I’m forced to come out of my shell. But for the better!

That’s why publishing my first novel is a huge step for me. Putting it out there for everyone to read is quite daunting. At first, my writing was only to fulfil my passion but now I’m starting to love the idea that I get to share it with my readers.

So here’s to many more blog posts. And hopefully a few more novels too…



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Charmaine Theron

Financial manager by day. Writer by night. Author of The Trinity Chronicles. Quote ~ Always believe in yourself because you never know, your time could be now.

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