Always Follow Your Dreams…

This is sometimes easier said than done as there are many obstacles that we face in life – slowing us down or taking us off the beaten track. Some that we face can be higher than Mount Everest. We try to scale over them but will often slip down. Get up, dust yourself off and try again. Keep trying until you reach the top.

Often our dreams are elusive – like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They can be deceptive in that you think they’re close but then they jump out of your reach. Reach for your dreams again, don’t let them out of your sight as one day you can achieve them.

In saying this, we all have our own dreams, whether it be owning your own home, jetting off on an overseas holiday, completing a degree or perhaps starting your own business. Remember achieving it is not always easy and not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth. Most of us have to work hard, make sacrifices and give up time with our partners and often with our children. But remember that when you do spend time with your family, make sure it is quality time.

I speak from my heart as it took me 27 years to achieve my dream. I finally have done it. My book is written! And what makes it even more surreal, is that I went beyond what I dreamed. My book is now published as an e-book. So I know you can do it – if I could, anyone can.

Keep chasing that pot of gold… it is there, you just have to reach out and grab it.

Until next time – cheers!



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Charmaine Theron

Financial manager by day. Writer by night. Author of The Trinity Chronicles. Quote ~ Always believe in yourself because you never know, your time could be now.

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