I only write poetry during a crossroad in my life whether it’s a time of sadness or happiness. The words will come to me unexpectedly in a revelation as a way to express my feelings. As poetry is not something I write often, I scribble the words down and then fix them up later.

Here is a poem I wrote about bringing up a toddler hence the colours relating to an emotion. It was when I was a single parent and raising my son Teag, who is now sixteen. So this poem was written for him and is dedicated to him.

Colours of Love

Each special moment we share,
is etched in my heart forever.
You are a colour with a gentle hue,
a soft blue, painting my life for the better.

A mischievous smile warms my soul,
brightening my day with sunny laughter.
You are a colour full of cheeky hellos,
a vibrant yellow, each second thereafter.

Then you explode like a volcanic eruption,
boiling, bubbling in growing-up frustration.
You are a colour full of unknown dread,
an angry red, as I try to calm the situation.

An angelic face that is full of grace,
submerging my heart with inner peace.
You are a colour reaching heavenly heights,
a pure white, as you so innocently fall asleep.

Written for Teag Theron
by Charmaine Theron

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Charmaine Theron

Financial manager by day. Writer by night. Author of The Trinity Chronicles. Quote ~ Always believe in yourself because you never know, your time could be now.

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