Ten Interesting Facts on the Writing of The Third Realm

  1. There’s an ancient Greek proverb in Chapter 33 that Thanos, the Guardian of Gaia, mentions. Their Realm is heading into winter but before this season changes the Dark War will be upon them, hence his words: “Summer, autumn, war.”
  2. The word Arcadia, which is also a Greek province, dates back to antiquity and refers to a vision of pastoralism, unspoilt wilderness and bountiful nature. I named the mountain range in the Third Realm Arcadia. In Greek mythology, Arcadia was home to the God Pan who was the god of nature, shepherds and their flocks, and the mountain wilds. He was also a companion of the dryads and nymphs.
  3. The Groves of Dodona are the sacred oak woodlands in the Third Realm. They are named after Dodona in Epirus in northwestern Greece. Here, dating back to as far as the second millennium BCE, the oldest Hellenic oracle was believed to be devoted to the Mother Goddess. The Third Realm’s oracle lives in the temple in the groves and she provides the Guardians with prophetic predictions.
  4. When I was creating the Guardians I chose their Ancient Greek names based on their meanings:
    • Thanos – immortal
    • Galene – calm sea
    • Kyros – like the sun
    • Aella – whirlwind
    • Drakon – dragon
  5. I based the Third Realm on a utopian theme and incorporated the idea of everything being perfect in this ‘heaven’.
  6. The Under Realm was created on a dystopian theme and represents ‘hell’.
  7. A Seraph is regarded as a type of celestial or heavenly being. I named the city Seraph in that it relates to the heaven theme. I originally wanted to call it ‘The City of Angels’ but that name was too close to a movie of the same name.
  8. The Fallen came from my interest in the Fallen Angels – angels who have sinned. Hence them being cast from the Third Realm (heaven) to the Under Realm (hell).
  9. After many rewrites of the first few chapters, my initial plotting of how Ash would enter this world went out the window. And how Ash would integrate into his new family was still a challenge. That’s when ‘Eklektos’ came about. It means ‘choosing’ in Ancient Greek.
  10. The character Scar Face surfaced in my rewrite after my manuscript came back from the editor. He simply popped into my head but he’ll reveal more of himself in the second book, The Middle Realm. I have a plan for him!

Fantasy has always intrigued me and I’ve read it since my childhood (C.S Lewis and Enid Blyton being my favourite). I wanted to create a fascinating world that was magical and I hope I have achieved this. With this insight into the writing of The Third Realm, I’m sure my readers will enjoy it that little bit more.

Happy reading!




I only write poetry during a crossroad in my life whether it’s a time of sadness or happiness. The words will come to me unexpectedly in a revelation as a way to express my feelings. As poetry is not something I write often, I scribble the words down and then fix them up later.

Here is a poem I wrote about bringing up a toddler hence the colours relating to an emotion. It was when I was a single parent and raising my son Teag, who is now sixteen. So this poem was written for him and is dedicated to him.

Colours of Love

Each special moment we share,
is etched in my heart forever.
You are a colour with a gentle hue,
a soft blue, painting my life for the better.

A mischievous smile warms my soul,
brightening my day with sunny laughter.
You are a colour full of cheeky hellos,
a vibrant yellow, each second thereafter.

Then you explode like a volcanic eruption,
boiling, bubbling in growing-up frustration.
You are a colour full of unknown dread,
an angry red, as I try to calm the situation.

An angelic face that is full of grace,
submerging my heart with inner peace.
You are a colour reaching heavenly heights,
a pure white, as you so innocently fall asleep.

Written for Teag Theron
by Charmaine Theron

Always Follow Your Dreams…

This is sometimes easier said than done as there are many obstacles that we face in life – slowing us down or taking us off the beaten track. Some that we face can be higher than Mount Everest. We try to scale over them but will often slip down. Get up, dust yourself off and try again. Keep trying until you reach the top.

Often our dreams are elusive – like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. They can be deceptive in that you think they’re close but then they jump out of your reach. Reach for your dreams again, don’t let them out of your sight as one day you can achieve them.

In saying this, we all have our own dreams, whether it be owning your own home, jetting off on an overseas holiday, completing a degree or perhaps starting your own business. Remember achieving it is not always easy and not all of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth. Most of us have to work hard, make sacrifices and give up time with our partners and often with our children. But remember that when you do spend time with your family, make sure it is quality time.

I speak from my heart as it took me 27 years to achieve my dream. I finally have done it. My book is written! And what makes it even more surreal, is that I went beyond what I dreamed. My book is now published as an e-book. So I know you can do it – if I could, anyone can.

Keep chasing that pot of gold… it is there, you just have to reach out and grab it.

Until next time – cheers!



Writing vs Blogging

For me, it is quite scary becoming a blogger.

When I first left school I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to share my writing & opinions with the world. But… something changed as I grew older, my writing became more personal. Perhaps it was because I ended up in a different job, I lost my confidence along the way. I would only let certain people read what I had written- like a close friend or my writer’s group. Now whatever I’m blogging about on my website is for the world to see. I’m forced to come out of my shell. But for the better!

That’s why publishing my first novel is a huge step for me. Putting it out there for everyone to read is quite daunting. At first, my writing was only to fulfil my passion but now I’m starting to love the idea that I get to share it with my readers.

So here’s to many more blog posts. And hopefully a few more novels too…